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Worried about outliving your retirement or savings?


What is an Annuity?

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An annuity is a long term retirement savings product that can help you grow and protect your money preventing you from outliving what you have set aside for retirement.

With living benefits such as long term care and tax deferred growth, and a death benefit, annuities help protect your loved ones while protecting your retirement income.

You have full control over your annuities, such as how they are funded, how interest is credited to it, and how you receive payments from it.

Fixed indexed annuity products guarantee an income for life, so no matter how long you live,you will not outlive your retirement.

Annuities offer a joint life option meaning if your spouse outlives you, under your annuity, they will also receive a guaranteed income for life, assuring they will be provided for after your death.

There is no direct downside market risk to a fixed indexed annuity, meaning all of the interest earned is safe from market volatility, and there is a guaranteed minimum interest crediting rate.

When you Might need an Annuity?

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If you're saving for retirement

If you're already contributing the maximum amount into your retirement plans, an annuity
is a great retirement planning option that grows tax-deferred.

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You won't need the money soon

As long as you don't anticipate needing the income from the annuity before you reach the age 59½, then a fixed indexed annuity is an excellent option to consider.

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You're worried you might outlive your savings

One of the benefits of a fixed indexed annuity is that it offers an income for life, you never know how long you could live in today's day and age, and this gives you the peace of mind knowing the money will be there.

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You want to leave a legacy

Annuities are life insurance products, meaning you can provide for your loved ones in
the event of your death.