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Final Expense

Why Final Expense Insurance?

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With the rising costs of burial and funeral expenses, many seniors are opting into state regulated final expense programs. Final expense Insurance offers you peace of mind knowing the policy is permanent for life, and the price will never increase. These programs are designed to take care of your burial expenses, funeral and cremation costs, so you don't leave the burden
behind to your family and loved ones.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), a traditional funeral costs $8,343. Depending on factors such as a Casket, Vault, Cemetery plot and services, many funerals can exceed $10,000. On average, a cremation will cost around $4,500 depending on varying factors. Have you taken action? Say goodbye to your loved ones in an honorable way.

Features Of Final Expense Insurance

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Permanent Coverage, it will never expire unless you live till age 120. If you do live that
long, you will be returned your premiums plus interest.

The death benefit and the premiums are guaranteed to remain level for life, and they will never increase or decrease.

Does not require an invasive physical medical exam.

The benefit will pass to any beneficiary you select.

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The benefit is paid out tax-free and is not subject to probate court. Your beneficiary will
be sent the benefit in a timely manner in order to take care of your final expenses.

Living benefits include coverage for Chronic, Critical or Terminal Illness, meaning if you have this coverage, the insurance company will pay the benefit early so you can take care of your bills.

All Final Expense Programs build a cash value, and accumulate interest.

Immediately effective once approved for coverage.

Our Carriers

How to choose a Mortgage Protection Provider?

Company Financial Strength

It is important when considering final expense providers, to take into account how healthy the finances of the life insurance company is. Some insurance companies have much better financial conditions than others, and it is important that when choosing a Final Expense company, your money is going to be in good, trustworthy hands. The companies we work with at Retirement Life Agent are all A rated companies, meaning they have the financial resources and background to provide stability for our clients. This is something we take very

Premium Guarantees

Not all Final Expense companies fully guarantee the premium for the life of the policy. This means that at some point down the road, you get a letter in the mail telling you; “Either you pay more money every month, or we are going to cancel your policy and KEEP all the money you already paid to us, thanks for being our client.” The ads you see on TV or the postcards you get in the mail from these companies offering products that seem too good to be true, here is a secret; it is too good to be true. The Companies we work with at Retirement Life Agent fully guarantee your premiums for life, and these are the only companies we would
ever consider doing business with.

Heath Conditions

Every Final Expense Insurance Company establishes its own health and lifestyle credentials, and they use these requirements to determine who may be eligible for their specific products. For example, chronic lung disorders, or high blood pressure may disqualify you from Final Expense Company, and will be acceptable with another. In order to serve all of our clients' needs, we work with many companies that each have their own individual requirements. So even if you have been turned down before by other companies for health reasons, We can get you approved as long as you are still breathing and able to sign your
name on the contract.